Sunday, November 3, 2013


DIWALI  2013---
                                                   The festval of light and colours enjoyed all over India.People here celebrate Diwali with sweets, lights and Rangoli. The festival comes in the midst of Puja season altogether. Durga Puja, Dhantares and Bhatri dwitiya (Bhaiphota)..You hear sounds of crackers and flashes of lights all through the night.Every family wishes other with Joy,Peace and Happiness for the future ahead.

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL MY READERS...................GOD BLESS YOU..................

Friday, August 24, 2012


Recently ,while watching SATYAMEVA JAYATE  I was surprised to know how our holy water GANGA is being polluted.We at the name of our holy rituals drop so many things in the river .GANGA as we all know used to carry pure drinking water, which is still used in  our prayers and Pooja.It is is regarded so holy that all your sin gets washed off once we take bath in it.It is being given to dying people with a belief that it will clear his soul of all evils and reach him to the heaven.........But now the river is polluted.Whom to be blamed? The onus is on us.There is scarcity of drinking water in so many places but the people who get it sufficiently don't realizes it's value.

              On the other hand lack of proper sanitation inIndia is also responsible for making our holy river dirty. INDIAcelebrated it's 66th  INDEPENDENCE DAY but truely how many of us have done something for this nation.Statistics conducted by UNICEF in the year 2008 have shown that only 31% of India's population is using improved sanitation facilities . A  UN study observed more people in India having access to a mobile phone than to a toilet as in 2010.Just 366million people (30.5%)had access to proper sanitation.
           Due to improper sanitation facilities in India people defecate in the open rivers .1gram of feces could potentially contain 10 million viruses,1 million bacteria,1000 parasite cysts and 100 worm eggs.The Ganges river in India has a stunning 1.1 million lts. of raw sewage being disposed into it  every minute.
           Can we imagine of what's going to happen to our holy water? So friends it's a high time to make  people aware of the reactions of their own action.We all have a group and we all are leaders.So why not start awareness program   from our own.         

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hello friends,

            With the arrival of monsoon, Durgapur is also ready with its fair which is organized every year on 'Rath Yatra'. Celebrating the festival of Sri Jagannath going to his uncle's (mama) house Durgapur gets adorned with lights ,stalls ,rides etc.Many people visit this fair .Stalls from many places come here to grace the occasion. 

Stalls of boutique from Shantiniketan,local boutique supported by govt., cloth stores for children dresses,bed sheets, bed covers, Kurtis's, leg-ins, sofa covers set up on this grand Mela. Stuffs made of mud are also ready with its variety of show pieces and jewellery . Plastic balls, dolls, pencil erasers and stickers stalls are well decorated with all its products.  Food stalls like Chat, Bada, Ice-Cream, Coke etc. are also available there.
Another most important part of this fair is BOOK FAIR. Books of various famous writers like Saratchandra, Bankim, Rabindranath and many more,are readily available on those stalls. Fairy tales for children are also there. Even study books are not left out. You can get Books on designs, stitches,etc.and CD'S and what not.

   There are abundance of stalls of 
jewellery  and show pieces with all its innovative varieties of designs. There are plenty of rides like Aeroplane, Car, Horse, Jeep, Dragon train, Boat, Merry -go-round and many more.

There are shows likeMagic show,3D show,and the most dangerous "Mot ka kua" which is by any means the most life threatening show .Hats off to those Brave-heart who make the show successful .Those JABAZ players  ride Bike and Car all together at a time in a half oval shaped space with there life at risk -'Apni Jaan Mutthi Me Lekar'.They spin up and down with their bikes and cars showing various activities with their hands and legs.They get out of the car window, wave their hand as they move in a circle going up and down. With an error of split of a second, life of the driver, I suppose, will end there itself. The show ends and all of us get thrilled and leave the center stage.But those artists of that stage of theater are ready for their next show which starts in a few minutes of time. Thats life for them as it gives the means for livelihood of their family.GOD save those great performers.
               Overall this fair is a good past time for your family and friends.